Transcriptions for piano solo by Kiyotaka Izumi. Kiyotaka Izumi, piano.

John Loeillet of London - Zes suites voor klavecimbel - Six suites for harpsichord

Jan Devlieger, klavecimbel

Brilliant music still to be discovered

Phaedra brings music that is still to be discovered and appreciated, probably by next generations - much like Bach was only re-discovered in the 19th century.

Piet Swerts - A Symphony of Trees

An homage to Ivor Gurney and Ypres

Mortelmans - Children of the Sea

Mortelmans - Aerts - De Boeck

Special promotion: CD Joseph Reylandt + book "Notices sur mes œuvres"

Phaedra offers a special promotion of the CD of Joseph Reylandt together with the composer's book "Notices sur mes œuvres" (book in French).

This promotion is offered for just 24€

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Founded 1992 by Luc Famaey.
Phaedra celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2012. This is 20 years of passion for music!
Receiving many awards.
Phaedra is receiving many awards, both in Belgium and abroad, for individual CD's but more importantly for the entire collection. Check the "About Us" section of this website to find out more.
Spreading its music across the world.
Phaedra's distribution goes way beyond Belgium. Worldwide distributors across Europe, America and Asia take care of the distribution of its music for from where it was written.
Offering its music as digital media.
Since 2005 Phaedra is offering its music through its own website. CD's can be purchased as physical CD's or can be downloaded. Some CD's are no longer available but can still be downloaded.

Welcome to Phaedra

Phaedra is an Ancient Greek name meaning ‘the beautiful, the bright, the shiny one’. It is related to a verb that means ‘to shine light on’. That is why we thought Phaedra an appropriate name for a label that meant proposed to assume a special task: to shine a light on music by composers from the Low Countries, especially from Flanders and Wallonia, and thus to save them from indifference and oblivion.

The idea was realized in 1992, when Phaedra was founded. With its limited means, but with a generous heart, Phaedra was to promote this music, to record it and to publish it. Moreover, Phaedra intended to work with young and highly talented musicians, both from the Low Countries and from abroad.

Phaedra is the first label to consistently and continually draw attention to composers of the Low Countries, regardless of their philosophies or their careers. First their works are read, studied and evaluated; then Phaedra searches out talented musicians who might be interested in studying and recording these works.

Luc Famaey