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In Flanders Fields

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In Flanders' fields vol. 99 -  Jean Baptiste Loeillet (1688-1720)  alias Mr. John of London
J.B. Loeillet, Six Suites for Harpsichord JAN DEVLIEGER, HarpsichordSuite I in G minor 1.    Allema..
In Flanders' Fields vol.98:  Piet Swerts, A Symphony of Trees (2cd)
PIET SWERTSA SYMPHONY OF TREESAn Homage to Ivor Gurney and YpresCD I01 Ypres (tutti) 04:4602 Memory,..
In Flanders' Fields vol 97: Lodewijk Mortelmans, The Children of the sea
LODEWIJK MORTELMANS (1868–1952) Excerpts from the opera de Kinderen van de Zee / The Children of th..
In Flanders’ Fields vol. 96 : Where are the Snows of Yesteryear
This CD gathers a number of lovely orchestral works that are threatening to fall into oblivion. It o..
In Flanders' Fields vol.95 - SEEKER - The Piano Music of Piet Swerts
SEEKER The Piano Music of Piet Swerts (1960)   1 Prelude. Le jardin à Giverny (2003) 2 Seeker of..
In Flanders' Fields vol.94 - The Playful Lightness of the Clarinet
CHARLES LOUIS HANSSENS (1802-1871)Solo de clarinette avec orchestre1 Allegro        2 Dolce espressi..
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In Flanders' Fields vol.93 - Flemish Baroque Treasures Unveiled
Willem-Gommaar Kennis (1717-1789) Salve Regina (Lijra anno 1746) A 5 voci, Due Violini, Violoncell..
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In Flanders' Fields vol.92 - Pastoral Melancholy
In Flanders’ Fields Vol. 92    Pastorale Melancholie  -  Pastoral melancholy1    Eglogue* - August d..
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In Flanders' Fields vol.91 - Homage to Ria Bollen
Homage to RIA BOLLEN, contralto | Hommage aan Ria Bollen    ANTONIO VIVALDI (1678–1741)  from Glo..
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In Flanders' Fields vol.92090 - Jef van Hoof - Art Songs
Jef van Hoof (1886-1959) – Art Songs   Drie liederen op gedichten van Guido Gezelle /Three Songs o..
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In Flanders' Fields vol.89 - Five Centuries of Flemish Harpsichord Music
Five Centuries of Flemish Harpsichord Music   Heinrich Isaac (c1450 – 1517) R La Morra * 2:20..
In Flanders' Fields vol.88 - The Core of all Things
EDGAR TINEL (1854–1912) Grafgezangen / Grave Songs, op. 22 (1879) 1 Grafbloeme / A Flower on the..
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In Flanders' Fields vol.87 - Röntgen / Rosseau / Tinel - Music for piano four hands
Three composers began as child prodigies, the three of them. Tinel and Röntgen, contemporaries, wrot..
In Flanders' Fields vol.86 - Mirando, Choral Works Johan Duijck
Mirando   A Mirror to St.Nicolas, op.18 (1998) 1. Cantate Domino 2. Familiae populorum 3. Laete..
In Flanders' Fields vol.85 - Joseph Jongen - On The Wings of Winds
Joseph Jongen 1873-1953On The Wings Of Winds1     Rhapsodie, op.70 (1922) for woodwind quintet and p..
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In Flanders' Fields vol.84 - A Bouquet of Forgotten Flowers
Georges Lonque (1900-1967) 1. Vos yeux op.3 2. Je n'ai pas oublié op.2 3. La question 4. Au gré ..
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In Flanders' Fields vol.83 - Preludes in Times Past and Present
1 Vorspiel zum Monodrama 'Die Abenteuer von der berüchtigten Ruprecht’ (tutti) Prelude to the Monod..
In Flanders' Fields vol.82 - World Première Recordings - In Joyful Dismay
Circle Song - Kristiaan van Ingelgem Text: From “In Joyful Dismay” by Annie van Keymeulen   1 Cir..
In Flanders' Fields vol.81 - World Première Recordings - A Meeting with Roland Coryn
World Première Recording - A Meeting with Roland CorynChoral Music for Mixed Choir A Cappella on Eng..
In Flanders' Fields vol.80 - Gems from the Belgian Treasure Trove
Gems from the Belgian Treasure Trove   See review on ExpeditionAudio " Gems from the Belgian Trea..
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In Flanders' Fields vol.79 - Reflections on a Song
World Première Recordings 'Reflections on a Song' Belgian Chamber Music for Double Bass and Piano ..
In Flanders' Fields vol.78 - A portrait of the composer Alain Craens
A Portrait of the Composer Alain Craens (1957)   1 Interlude to the Sea (1994) for oboe, bassoon a..
In Flanders' Fields vol.77 - Dixit Dominus, Johan Duijck
Johan Duijck - Dixit Dominus, opus 32 (2012)   1. Introductio 2. Domine, Dominus noster 3. Miser..
In Flanders' Fields vol.76 - Lodewijk de Vocht - Memorare
Lodewijk de Vocht (1887-1977) | Memorare   XIV Cantica (ad tres voces æquales cum vel sine organo..
In Flanders' Fields vol.75 - August de Boeck - A Bouquet of French and Flemish Songs
August de Boeck - A Bouquet of French and Flemish Songs1. Frissons de fleurs2. Petite église de camp..
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In Flanders' Fields vol.74 - Lucien Posman - Welcome Stranger
1. Welcome Stranger to this Place2. IOB XXIX 2-4Lamentation for mixed choir (2007) 3. Omittamus Stud..
In Flanders' Fields vol.73 - Flowers for the bass clarinet
1 Zebus (Johan Favoreel) (1957) for bass clarinet & string quartet2 Van Heinde en Verre (Wilfrie..
In Flanders' Fields vol.72 - Choir music from Poland and Belgium
1. Ave Maria for mixed choir and organ - Józef Elsner (1796–1854)2. Domine, non secundum for mixed c..
In Flanders' Fields vol.71 - Music of August de Boeck
August de Boeck (1865-1937)1 Prelude to the opera Théroigne de Méricourt (1900)Concerto for piano an..
In Flanders' Fields vol.70 - Joseph Jongen / César Franck
Prélude fugue et variation op 18 - César Franck Prélude Fugue Variation   Treize Préludes p..
In Flanders’ Fields vol.69 - La déclinaison de la femme
La déclinaison de la femme - The many faces of woman Around Margaret of Austria   1 Proch dolor, ..
In Flanders' Fields vol.68 - Around Jacob van Eyck
1 Bravade & Franse Courante | Jacob van Eyck/Nicolas Vallet  2 Doen Daphne d’over schoone maegh..
In Flanders' Fields vol.67 - Jef van Hoof
1. Herinneringsouverture (Remembrance Overture) (1917)   2. Perzeus (Overture) (1908)   Symphony..
In Flanders' Fields vol.66 - Concierto del Alma – Johan Duijck
Concierto del Alma for choir and piano, op. 30 (2010)  Poem:  'La Noche Oscura Del Alma' - San Juan..
In Flanders' Fields vol.65 - The Fall now blows its horn
De Herfst blaast op den horen (The Fall now blows its horn)   Sonata in E, op. 18 (1897) - Joseph ..
In Flanders' Fields vol.64 - August de Boeck, selected piano works
August de Boeck - Selected Piano Works   1 Prélude in D-flat major (September 1909) 2 Capriccio i..
In Flanders' Fields vol.63 - Hanne Deneire
Hanne Deneire (1980), composer   1 Hanne Deneire - Lotus part 1 for violin, violoncello and piano ..
In Flanders' Fields vol.62 - Tarquinia
Wandelen met Eva for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano - Peter Welffens (Walking with Eve - ..
In Flanders' Fields vol.61 - Marinus de Jong
Chamber Music by Marinus de Jong (1891-1984)   1-3. Sonata “Pacis, Doloris et Amoris”, op. 18 for ..
In Flanders' Fields vol.60 - A tribute to Frits Celis
Sonata for violoncello & piano, op.6 (1962-63) - Frits Celis (°1929) 1. Allegro 2. Andantino ..
In Flanders' Fields vol.59 - Piet Swerts - Heilige Seelenlust
Heilige Seelenlust - Piet Swerts Oratorio for soprano, tenor, children's choir, female choir, male ..
In Flanders' Fields vol.58 - Johan Duijck - Cantiones Sacrae
Lauda Jerusalem, Psalmus 147, op.4 (1984) 1. Lauda Jerusalem 2. Quoniam 3. Qui Emittit 4. Emitte..
In Flanders' Fields vol.57 - Concertos for Guitar and Orchestra
Fantasia para un Marqués Piet Swerts (°1960)  for guitar and strings (2001) (in memoriam Joaquín Ro..
In Flanders' Fields vol.56 - 18th Century Flemish Composers for the Harpsichord
18th Century Flemish Composers for the Harpsichord Transcription for piano by EMMANUEL DURLET (1893..
In Flanders' Fields vol.55 - Joseph Ryelandt
Joseph Ryelandt (Bruges, 1870-1965)    1 Piano Quintet in a minor (1901)  2 Adagio for String Qua..
In Flanders' Fields vol.55 + book "Notices sur mes œuvres"
Book: Notices sur mes œuvres The Study Center of Flemish Music published Notices sur mes œuvres (No..
In Flanders' Fields vol.54 - El Camino del Alma - the Way of the Soul
El Camino del Alma; the Way of the Soul    1 Alma de la Música, op.16 (1996) Johan Duijck: 40:37 ..
In Flanders' Fields vol.53 - Darkness
Henryk Gorecki (1933) Kleines Requiem für eine Polka (1993) for wind quintet, trumpet, trombone, st..
In Flanders' Fields vol.52 - Piet Swerts - Symphony no 2 - Morgenrot
It is clear that Swerts's symphony is extremely communicative. This is achieved through his personal..
In Flanders' Fields vol.51 - Jef Van Hoof
Jef van Hoof (1886 - 1959)   - Suite from the opera "Meivuur" (Fire of May) - Divertimento for tr..