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In Flanders' Fields vol.48 - Stefan Meylaers, Portrait of a Composer II

In Flanders' Fields vol.48 - Stefan Meylaers, Portrait of a Composer II
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"My music is like a diary. I write about events, encounters, about the things in life that I am concerned about," says Stefan Meylaers in an interview. A portrait, written as it were in compositions between 2000 and 2005. Stefan Meylaers has already had a Phaedra CD dedicated to him, vol. 24 of the "In Flanders Fields" series, containing works written between 1995 and 2000. A true musical biography.

Meylaers writes very accessible music; yet it is highly original, and never cheap. He wants a wide audience, who understand his emotions and feelings. His music has neither complex constructions nor recherche effects. It wants to sing, to fascinate, if possible, to stick in the mind. Thus the composer hopes to truly involve the listener.

Like the first Meylaers CD, this one calls on no fewer than a dozen musicians: singers Françoise Vanhecke, soprano, and Marc Meersman, baritone; the Ludwig Marszalek String Quartet; Frank Hendrickx, flute; Andy Dhondt, saxophone; Stephan Simons, euphonium; Carlo Willems, vibraphone; and Geert Callaert and the composer himself as pianists.

At present Stefan Meylaers is hard at work writing music for the 60th anniversary of the United Nations, music that will be performed in Carnegie Hall, New York, on October 12 of this year.



- Arcana

- Love Song

- New Orleans

  • The storm
  • The sorrow
  • The hope

- Dream

- The Garden

- Un amore ritrovato

- Mango

- Ginkgo Tree

- Summer Dance

- I can tell from Paradise

- Lost City

- Aracoara (Sunset)

- The Field



String Quartet 

Ludwig Marszalek, 1st violin

Laurence Luxen, 2nd violin

Pierre Heneaux, viola

Caroline Stevens, cello

Frank Hendrickx, flute

Andy Dhondt, sax

Stephan Simons, euphonium

Carlo Willems, vibraphone

Marc Meersman and Françoise Vanhecke, vocals

Geert Callaert and Stefan Meylaers, piano

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