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In Flanders' Fields vol.52 - Piet Swerts - Symphony no 2 - Morgenrot

In Flanders' Fields vol.52 - Piet Swerts - Symphony no 2 - Morgenrot
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It is clear that Swerts's symphony is extremely communicative. This is achieved through his personal but ever clear and transparent musical language. Expressive harmonies, rhythms that will stick in the hearer's mind and melodies that sweep him off his feet are combined with virtuoso orchestration. Sometimes Swerts evokes an intimate or tense atmosphere, sometimes he goes for drama and unfolds all the colors of the symphony  

orchestra in a spectacular whirl. He is also an excellent composer of vocal music; witness the choral movement 'An die Musik' [To Music] at the center of the symphony as well as the solo part for soprano, which Bernadette Degelin sings with a fine feeling for style and with great conviction. 

There can be no question that this is a memorable recording by the Flemish Radio Choir and Orchestra, conducted by Bjarte Engeset. Thanks to it the work and its qualities will now become known and indeed renowned outside the walls of concert halls as well.

(Tom Eelen "De Tijd" 2007/10/20) 


Piet Swerts (°1960)

Symphony no 2 - Morgenrot

- Introitus (10:13)

- Kyrie (5:13)

- Dies Irae (12:40)

- An die Musik (R.M.Rilke) (12:26)

- Interludium (10:21)

- Abschied. Ende des Herbstes (R.M.Rilke) (11:06)

- Morgenrot (R.M.Rilke) (10:19)


total time: 72:21



Bernadette Degelin, soprano

Flemish Radio Choir

Flemish Radio Orchestra

Bjarte Engeset, conductor


"Morgenrot is not only the name of one of Rainer Maria Rilke¹s poems. Piet Swerts¹s Second Symphony too was given that title. A while ago, on the threshold of the third millennium, this contemporary composer let his symphony be inspired by themes like life, death and leave-taking. The result is a mixture of symphony, requiem and oratorio, set to Rilke¹s poetry and to texts taken from the Latin Requiem. The work itself and its performance by the Flemish Radio Choir and Orchestra, conducted by Bjarte Engeset and with the soprano Bernadette Degelin as the soloist, can only be described as stunning, what with the power, the tension and the splendor of musical colors Swerts demonstrates. A Dies Irae that rolls in like a thunderstorm. Fine-spun threads, surprises, explosions of grand emotions. Swerts¹s composition and its performance are captivating from first note to last. This is unquestionably one of the most spectacular CDs recently published.

Rudolf Nammensma

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