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In Flanders' Fields vol.56 - 18th Century Flemish Composers for the Harpsichord

In Flanders' Fields vol.56 - 18th Century Flemish Composers for the Harpsichord
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18th Century Flemish Composers for the Harpsichord

Transcription for piano by EMMANUEL DURLET (1893-1977) 


Willem de Fesch (1687-1757)

Sonata I in C major 

1. Andante 

2. Giocoso 

3. Con spirito 


Sonata VIII in G major

4. Moderato 

5. Allegro spiritoso 

6. Allegro 


Sonate XII in E major

7. Ciaccona 

8. Fuga 


Dieudonné Raick (1703-1764) 

9. Andantino in A minor 

10. Courante in C major 

11. Allegro in C major 


Josse Boutmy (1697-1779) 

Suite in C minor

12. Moderato & tranquillo 

13. Sarabande

14. Allemande 

15. Agitato 


16. Rondo in E major - Josse Boutmy

17. Menuet in E major - Josse Boutmy

18. Gavotte in A major - Josse Boutmy


Jean Baptiste Loeillet (1680-1730) 

19. Aria in A major

20. Le carillon du quart in A major 

(De rammel van het kwartier - The Carillon of the Quarter) 

21. Giga in E minor

22. Hornpipe in G minor

23. Menuet in G minor


Joseph Hector Fiocco (1703-1741) 

24. Adagio in G major

25. Allegro moderato in G major

26. Andante in E minor

27. La villageoise in G major

(Het dorpsmeisje – The country Girl) 

28. Rondo in G major

29. Cantica in D major

30. L’inconstante in G minor

(De wispelturige - The inconstant Maiden) 

31. L’inquiète in G minor

(De ongeruste - The restless Maiden) 

32. La tendresse in D major

(De tederheid - The Tenderness) 

33. Gavotte in D minor

34. Gigue in D minor 


Matthias van den Gheyn (1721-1785) 

35. Pastorale in G major (andantino)


Suite in C major

36. Allegro con spirito 

37. Andante 

38. Allegro moderato 


39. Carillon de fête! in C major

(Feestbeiaard! Feast Carillon!) 


Sonate in G major - Pieter Jozef van den Bosch (1736-1803)

40. Allegro con spirito 

41. Andantino 

42. Allegro giocoso 


Sonatine in F major - Ferdinand Staes (1748-1809)

43. Allegro moderato 

44. Rondo 


Sonatine in C major - Ferdinand Staes

45. Allegro con spirito 

46. Allegretto 




Performed on Emmanuel Durlet’s grand piano Blüthner 1911

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