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In Flanders' Fields vol.59 - Piet Swerts - Heilige Seelenlust

In Flanders' Fields vol.59 - Piet Swerts - Heilige Seelenlust
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Heilige Seelenlust - Piet Swerts

Oratorio for soprano, tenor, children's choir, female choir, male choir, two harps, two alto recorders, two pianos, string orchestra and wind ensemble


1. Jesu, meine Freund und Lust

2. Komm doch und Küss mich

3. Schwarz gebrannt

4. Sag mir, Geliebte

5. Prächtig und schön

6. Mein Freund kommt zu mir

7. Nachts lieg ich auf dem Bett

8. Preisen will ich

9. O quam sauvis

10. Komm, meine Braut

11. Verzaubert hast du mich

12. Meine Braut ist ein Garten

13. Kommt doch, ihr Winde

14. Ich komm in den Garten

15. Wer leuchtet so schön

16. Ich will dich Lieben

17. O quam sauvis (2)

18. Finale - Lege mich 



Ann De Renais, soprano

Jan Caals, tenor

Choirs and Orchestras Lemmensinstituut

Saskia Van Keer, leader

Edmond Saveniers, conductor


The oratorio Heilige Seelenlust is the interplay of the Biblical Song of Songs and Angelus Silesius’s poetry. This oratorio announces a new stylistic period in the composer’s oeuvre. 

The composition is based on modality and polyphonic writing styles, but these have been translated into contemporary musical language. Its musical layers are much more complex, and the canonical procedures used are a spin-off of the compositional techniques of the Renaissance.

The work taken as a whole carries a clearly positive message, thanks to the meaning of the text and its translation into sound. It is not a dramatically laden work, but rather a festive one, highly colorful, with abundant melismas, a sensuous aural experience that the public will find most accessible

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