In Flanders' Fields 98: Piet Swerts, A Symphony of Trees (2cd) PIET SWERTSA SYMPHONY OF TREESAn Homage to Ivor Gurney and YpresCD I01   Ypres (tutti) 04:4602   M.. Product #: 92098 Regular price: $0.00 $0.00

In Flanders' Fields 98: Piet Swerts, A Symphony of Trees (2cd)

Piet Swerts
Duration: 83:35
CD-ID: 92098
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An Homage to Ivor Gurney and Ypres

01   Ypres (tutti) 04:46
02   Memory, let all slip I (mixed choir and orchestra) 02:23
03   Of trees over there (soprano solo and tenor solo, mixed choir and orch.) 07:35

04   Interlude I (orchestra) 03:50
05   Lament (tenor and orchestra) 03:36
06   May, 1915 (soprano and orchestra) 07:24
07   Memory, let all slip II (children’s choir and organ) 02:33

08   Interlude II (orchestra) 02:03
09   Mist on Meadows (tenor, children’s choir and mixed choir, orchestra) 05:25
10   The Silent One (tenor, children’s choir and mixed choir, organ, orchestra) 11:26
11   Memory, let all slip III (soprano solo and mixed choir a capella) 02:21

12   Interlude III (orchestra) 01:26

13   On Wenlock Edge (soprano and orchestra) 03:14
14   Ypres II (tenor and orchestra) 05:22
15   Afterwards (soprano and orchestra) 04:22

16   Interlude IV (orchestra) 01:00
17   Epilogue - Canaan’s Land (tenor and orchestra) 03:32
18   Memory, let all slip IV (soprano, tenor, mixed choir and organ) 02:26
19   Finale. Day is done (tutti) 08:40

TT: 83:35                                        Appl.     00:55

Lee Bisset, soprano| Thomas Blondelle, tenor

Kinderkoor Canteclaer (Lo-Reninge) o.l.v. Marieke Spenninck
Collegium de Dunis (Brugge) o.l.v. IgnaceThevelein | Con Cuore (Waregem) o.l.v. Jan Vuye
deCHORALE (Antwerpen) o.l.v. Paul Dinnewith |  Het Iepers Kamerkoor (Ieper) o.l.v. Dirk Coutigny
Kortrijks Vocaal Ensemble (Kortrijk) o.l.v. Wim Verdonck | Laidos (Waregem) o.l.v. Marleen Annemans
Qui Vive (Desselgem) o.l.v. Geert Anckaert | Roeselaars Kamerkoor (Roeselare) o.l.v. Bart Naessens
Jeugdkoor Rondinella (Knokke) o.l.v. Rudy Van der Cruyssen | Voices! (Knokke) o.l.v. Kristof Allaert

Symfonieorkest Vlaanderen
David Angus, dirigent / conductor