Phaedra Classics 040: Henri Duparc – Extase – Complete Songs



ALL songs, including the “Romance de Mignon” for soprano and the duet “La Fuite”

Peter Gijsbertsen, tenor
Liesbeth Devos, soprano*Jozef de Beenhouwer, piano

The umpteenth recording of songs by Duparc? No, but a recording of all songs that the composer, one of César Franck’s students, did not destroy. From the early 1880s he began to show symptoms of a nervous disease; from 1885 until his death he wrote music no more. He kept and left us some forty works, including these seventeen songs.

The French Romantic tradition of song writing culminates in his work; yet at the same time Duparc’s form and idiom open the door to impressionism. His songs are among the finest in the genre and are very popular.


All three musicians dreamed of offering the lovers of the genre their interpretations of all Duparc’s songs that have come to us.

Just before this CD was recorded, at the end of 2018, tenor Peter Gijsbertsen received the “Nederlandse Muziekprijs”, the Dutch Department of Culture’s highest distinction for young musical talents. Meanwhile his career is really taking off, both at home and abroad. Peter is indeed regarded as one of the finest musicians in The Netherlands. This is his sixth Phaedra recording.

Soprano Liesbeth Devos too is renowned for musicality, stylistic flexibility, charisma on stage, and expressive and interpretive talents. In a short period she has conquered important stages in and outside Europe. This is her fourth Phaedra CD.

Pianist Jozef De Beenhouwer is considered the ideal interpreter of the piano music of Robert and Clara Schumann and of Johannes Brahms. His recordings of the Schumanns as well as his pioneering musicological work about them earned him the 1993 Robert-Schumann-Preis of the City of Zwickau. For Phaedra he recorded, alone of with others, no fewer than 24 CDs.

Track Listing

  1. Soupir (Sully Prudhomme) 3:29
  2. Sérénade (Gabriel Marc) 2:27
  3. Le Manoir de Rosemonde (Robert de Bonnières) 2:26
  4. L’Invitation au Voyage (Charles Baudelaire) 3:55
  5. Chanson Triste (Jean Lahor) 3:03
  6. Romance de Mignon* (Victor Wilder) 4:55
  7. La Fuite* (Théophile Gautier) 3:13
  8. Extase (Jean Lahor) 3:10
  9. La Vague et la Cloche (François Coppée) 4:48
  10. Sérénade Florentine (Jean Lahor) 2:47
  11. Le Galop (Sully Prudhomme) 3:10
  12. Phidylé (Charles Leconte de Lisle) 5:17
  13. Au Pays où se fait la Guerre (Théophile Gautier) 4:37
  14. Lamento (Théophile Gautier) 3:17
  15. La Vie Antérieure (Charles Baudelaire) 4:18
  16. Elégie (Thomas Moore) 2:52
  17. Testament (Armand Silvestre) 3:10

TT 62:06